Principal’s Message

It is a tremendous honour and pleasure to work and learn with the Hutterian Colony Schools. As the Supervisory Principal, I continue to be impressed by everyone’s dedication to public education. It is a priority and privilege to learn and support every child, educational assistant, support staff, and teachers of the 17 schools. Our entire HCS team wants to engage students and help them find success in best practices of literacy, numeracy, and good citizenship.

On a weekly basis, I watch collective priorities and decisions come to life and witness students thriving in their respective learning environments. As a learning team, we will continue to emphasize provincial, divisional and school based priorities. Our schools will focus on writing skills improvement, aim to exceed grade level expectations in numeracy, and maintain responsible sustainable development practices.

I tremendously value the professional commitment of our entire team and we are committed to supporting the academic growth of students in our Hutterian communities.


Supervisory Principal
Jack Phillips
Hutterian Colony Schools